Back in 2015, our founder, Henrietta, made her way across the globe, to Bali, Indonesia, somewhere she had never been, but decided to just go for it, get out of her hometown + explore. It has now been 6 years of back + forth travel to the island, building relationships with local family manufacturers + artisans, understanding the culture + getting to know the island like a second home. 

For a long time, she wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to do, going back + forth between a multitude of business ideas + not having the confidence to see anything through. However, a couple of years back it suddenly dawned on her, the wealth of artisanal skills + craftsmanship she was surrounded by, on a day to day basis + that this was something that she could use to create her dream business. Not only was she able to design + create beautiful pieces, it was also serving a purpose, sustaining small, family manufacturers, makers + artisans. It wasn’t feeding into ‘fast manufacturing’ + over production. It was small runs, slow manufacturing + respecting the craft + the maker. As well as using all the knowledge + wealth of contacts she had built up over 6 years, she was able to sustain the skills that the makers had been passed down by the generations before them + hopefully contribute to the next generation continuing the craft. 

Our name ruma, originates from the word "rumah' meaning home in Indonesian. This word was important for us, as Indonesia will always be home, it is where we grew up a lot, met lifelong friends + is the foundation of Ruma Lifestyle. Each + every piece crafted for our website is something we have been working on from the moment we landed in Bali, whether we realised it or not. Ruma is a true reflection of us, our style, our vision + what we have around us every day, so it really just made sense for us to share this with other likeminded people.  

Today, we work with hand selected family run manufacturers + artisans in Indonesia. It is a fair partnership, from the design stage, all the way to the end product, full of respect + compassion for each other’s craft. As well creating a sustainable manufacturing chain, we try to use sustainable materials for our products + our future aim is to be able to increase our sustainable product offering. Currently we manufacture out of Indonesia, but our long term goal has always been to work with artisans from all over the world, + bring you the best pieces from the best crafters across the globe. Something we will just never compromise on is our manufacturing process, we will never manufacture out of big factories and unattainable practices, we champion fair wages + giving back to the communities that provide us with their skills. 

Even though our core values, are working with sustainable manufacturers, we are also very passionate about how our customer purchases. For quite a few years now, fast fashion + fast manufacturing has been shoved down all of our necks, making purchasing a dress for £3, totally ‘ normal ‘. We are trying to encourage better purchasing. Buy less, but better. The mind behind our designs, is simple, timeless + minimal. We believe you don’t have to have a wardrobe full of ‘seasonal’ clothing, we believe you should be able to purchase a piece + be able to use it daily, while transcending all seasons. 

We have so much in the pipeline for Ruma Lifestyle, beginning with our initial collection, which is live now, then in the summer, we will launch two more collections, specifically a sensory collection, + a homewares collection. In addition to this, we will be taking on brands, who fall within our core values + aesthetic.

We can’t wait to continue this journey with our lovely new customers, we hope you love our story, brand + store. Thank you for choosing to be part of ruma lifestyle.

Lots of love, team ruma.