Our whole philosophy circulates around sustainability, it is a core part of Ruma Lifestyle. We believe that there shouldn't be a compromise for anything, for the consumer, for the makers and for our earth. Investing in luxury shouldn't cost the earth, figuratively and literally. 

Our main focus is our makers and we are committed to working with independent, family manufacturers to make our products. We are proud to partner with incredible local artisans who are the beating heart of Ruma Lifestyle, they set their own rates of pay + working hours. We believe crafters, artisans + makers should be celebrated for their talents, not exploited. We want our makers to be a part of the whole process and be able to benefit from the end sale. Most of our artisans, employ and work with their family members, and one of our main missions, is to be able to educate the future generations. So not only do sales from Ruma Lifestyle directly and immediately benefit the livelihoods of our makers and their families, it also enables us to educate the younger generations in order to carry on diminishing artisanal skills.