5 Ways Your Wardrobe Can Be More Sustainable


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"meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

We all want to be more sustainable, but it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. It can be super daunting knowing who to shop from, especially when you are spending more than you usually would on a piece. So don't stress, we are here to give you a couple of ideas to get you started. 


Ok, so yes, it's very easy to shop from brands that seem to cover every trend, style, + have exactly what you want for about £5. But come on, ask yourself, if something is that cheap, how is it being made? Who is at the expense of you wearing a copy of Kim K's latest outfit for one night out? You know what they say, what is cheap isn't good and what is good isn't cheap. That £5 garment, has had to go through many stages to get to your front door in that pink plastic mailer bag. From design, to pattern cutting, to shipping. But most importantly, a human being has had to have made that, for most probably £3.50 an hour, at best. It just doesn't add up, someone somewhere has to lose out and we ALL know it isn't the owners of companies like Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo or H&M.

“As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy” -Emma Watson.


So who can you shop from instead? Well, there is SO many options. So many reputable brands are now looking after their supply chain and making sustainable choices, wether it be for their fabrics their packaging or looking after their manufacturing chain. A few of our faves, 

Naddam, a direct to consumer brand, selling cute basics + loungewear, made from sustainably sourced cotton and cashmere. 

Another Tomorrow  the super transparent modern luxury brand, think clean lines, basics and the perfect smart trouser. A great brand to invest in.  



another tomorrow homepage image


Worn Store one of our favourite brands, for not only the product offering, but their sustainability offering too. They are very transparent about all aspects of their business, from packaging, to production, to their future promise. It is also a female owned and ran business, which is an added bonus, power to the gals! 

Investing in a sustainably conscious brand has so many benefits. The quality is actually good, it hasn't been made in a sweat shop, it doesn't cost the earth and the pieces last. Yes, the price will be higher, but when you invest in a quality brand, the pieces can last you a lifetime. 

Basically, ditch fast fashion already. 


First invest in yourself and your style and how you want to dress. Next, minimise your wardrobe down to essential pieces. Pieces that you have invested in, that are going to last, and that you can mix and match into different outfits, adding in different accessories for a styled look. We are big fans are 'essential pieces' and believe you don't need a new item every week to look stylish and fresh.  Here are our most favoured essentials.

- A good set of tee's, both white and black options, we would really stress going for the quality on these, you won't regret it. A personal fave at Ruma HQ is the 'Perfect Vintage Tee' from Reformation.

 girl wearing black t-shirt and white jeans from reformation.comwoman wearing white tank top from arm studio
- A couple of tight crops, good for layering in winter, or on their own in summer, with a high waisted pant. A wardrobe essential. Pick up this perfect crop tank by Aym Studio. A personal go to of ours, it has a perfect fit and is made sustainably. What more could we want? 

- A good white shirt, you know the drill. A trans-seasonal essential. Watch this space....

- A variety of good quality denim. Whatever your style, invest in a few good pairs and you will be set for years. We love RE/DONE, for its vintage inspired denim and reworked Levi's. 

- A range of footwear that you can mix + match with your essentials for different styled looks. We love a chunky boot, a few good pairs of sneaks and a loafer. 


OK, so we know that you might not always want to live with a minimal wardrobe. You may want to push the boat out for an event or to try a new style. But there is another way of getting to wear that special piece, that realistically you'll wear once. And it's rental. It's fashions new best friend, and will save you a lot of $$$. Here are some of our fave rental sites at the moment. 

Hirestreet, our OG  + fave rental platform making high end global fashion and style, accessible for everyone. They have a huge range of pieces to suit all styles. Consider them for your next outfit 'purchase'. Our next rental, is the gorgeous Lexi jumpsuit. Perfect for business meetings and drinks with the girls. 

hirestreet rental platform homepage


We love Rotaro for its cult brand offering and it's unique choices. We also spy the pink Prada nylon mini bag up for rent, it would be rude not to, wouldn't it? 

rotaro rental platform website homepage


Hurr is an office favourite of ours, for its brand partnerships, especially with long term champion of sustainability, Selfridges. It has such a vast offering, it's hard not to find something you don't like. 


hurr collective rental platform website homepage



So many people immediately think of brown lumpy fabrics or big baggy pants when the word eco is mentioned and it's just not the case. Especially now, it's easier than ever to have a stylish, sustainable wardrobe. Our ethos at Ruma Lifestyle, is why should you have to choose? Why should you have to choose between a beautiful piece and how that piece is made? That is why, we aim to bring you Europe's most sustainable + style focused lifestyle platform. Bringing you trans-seasonal, handcrafted + curated pieces that compliment your lifestyle, that haven't been compromised on sustainable manufacturing. Check out our debut collections now. 

 " BUY LESS, CHOOSE WELL, MAKE IT LAST" the legend, Vivienne Westwood 

This is just a fraction of changes you can make towards becoming more sustainable, we will be bringing you more sustainable tips for the home, travel and lifestyle. 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below