Back in 2015, our founder Henrietta, made her way to Indonesia, to discover new cultures, experiences and people, since then she has been travelling back and forth between Europe and Asia, meeting people from all over the world, gaining knowledge and inspiration from the land and the creative people she meets.   


It was during one of her trips to Indonesia, she was heavily inspired by the wealth of artisanal skills and craftmanship on many of the islands of Indonesia, as well as the importance of slow manufacturing in this fast paced world. She has always sourced the maker of anything she liked, never buying directly from the shop and so has built up a huge repertoire of incredible crafters and artisans, from interior artisans to clothing ateliers. This truly propelled her into solely wanting to own pieces handcrafted by artisans which also inspired the reason behind Ruma Studios. We believe that we should focus on working with handcrafters and maker not only from Indonesia, but all over the world, buying less from multi national fast fashion brands and buying from smaller, more intentional brands. Buy less, but better is our motto.


We initially began Ruma Studios in Bali, Indonesia, showcasing our in-house designs only. We created a small collection of silk, leather, and hand-crafted silver pieces, all handcrafted in house. While we will always have an in house collection, we are focusing on working with independent brands from across the globe who are using responsible manufacturing processes. With Ruma Studio, we want to bring a focus back to the craft, centring on the artisans behind each brand, celebrating makers from all over the world. We are creating a platform where our customers can be sure they purchase a responsibly made item without compensating on luxury & style. We have handpicked independent and sustainable brands from all over the world, to bring light to a more independent way of shopping, while building up artisanal manufacturing.


“ it’s cool to be conscious “


Henrietta, founder of Ruma Studios